About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Wizara defines the new Era of Software Development

Who we are

Brimming With new ideas and innovations, we are an IT and ITES firm specialized in providing business solutions combined with open source and cloud technology.

When you collaborate with us, we assure you the dedicated professionalism of our team, that will stop at nothing to visualize your great ideas into deliverables, spurred by all your key objectives.

We just make sure that the team has the tools, the space and the support to solve the challenges and create wonderful products for you and it never ends there; speciality in us is our after-sales service in which the least is a 24/7 online assistant.

" We merely don’t work on your tasks, We deliver your ideas."

Our Vision

We Believe that technology is such a powerful tool that it aids you to dominate the Industry. This potential tool combined with innovations and inspirations leads your way to stand out in this Advanced Era.

We believe in Simplicity, Completeness and Perfection in work. Perfection begins in the smallest of things; acutely shaping the final product.We provide services only to a few at a time, so that we really focus and build a unique high end product. We assist our clients to access this powerful apparatus regardless of their economy, fulfilling their true ambition.

Our Mission

Wizara builds the best software solutions for its clients maximizing their performance in the market, along with providing the essential tools; Websites, Industrial Applications, Mobile Apps (IOS, Android), Logo designs and professional key elements.

We employ the power of cloud with open source, thus creating the perfect business solutions. Solutions are derived from expert analysis by professionals for every challenge met by our clients.

Wizara Thinktank

Our core founding Team


Founder and Managing Director

The Founder and Managing Director at Wizara. Inayathullah works closely with the team and in partnership with clients to build solutions that drives business innovations and values. He is passionate about cultivating his team's unique talents in challenging tasks.



Co Founder and Director

A goal-oriented team manager with proven skills to work in sync with the corporate set parameters. His ability to motivate the team to exponential growth is crucial for achieving our vision and goals. A focused and keen indivdual; Nayeem values team satisfaction and good work dynamics.


Ashfaq Anaz As Seylani

Executive Director

A young, energetic entrepreneur leading the global operations at Wizara. Ashfaq envisions using innovative technology coupled with human ingenious to unravel new frontiers of achievement. He directs the Wizara workforce knowing that no ambition or goal is too high for his talented team.


Abdul Wahab

Chief Technical Officer

Abdul Wahab is passionate about the art and science of managing fast growing technology and keeping up to the lastest tech on a daily basis. A software engineer by profession, he directs the technical aspects and heads the team in solving obstacles in the work-arena.


Aamir Ahmed Al Harbi

Director - KSA

Aamir is a Passionate business man with a vision to bridge the Arab world to the latest advances in technology and software development. His enthusiasm to work across cultures and languages defines the future growth of Wizara.



Delivery Head

Sharafudeen is adept in Project Management, ensures a positive and productive working relationships with customers for business growth.